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Each episode will shine a light on a career or occupation linked to the art of music.

Join me in this musical journey and get inspired.

hosted by Lory Lee-Ann


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Featured guest: Jana Šušteršič

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Episode 3 – Jana Šušteršič

In this 3rd episode I have a conversation with “The Power Voice” Jana Šušteršič. We discuss her musical journey with all it’s ups and downs. From starting out as a pianist, becoming a rockstar, winning Slovenia’s Got Talent to being an educator.

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Episode 2 – Marc St. Louis

In this 2nd episode I’m having a conversation with one of the best tour managers out there: Marc St. Louis. Listen as we talk about his career and what is necessary to get the job done right.

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Music (intro & outro) by Karlyne Felix

Episode 1 – Patrice Rushen

In this first episode I have a conversation with the legendary Patrice Rushen. We discuss music education, her experience during her career and the future of music.

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