Episode 5 – Lili del Sol (Producer/Artist/Educator)

Website: www.lilidelsol.com

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Lili del Sol is a singer, producer, performer and writer.

Lili was born in Santiago de Cali - Colombia - and she has always been interested in the cultural and social roots and the exuberant nature that intertwines Latin American countries. With her contemporary arrangements and distinct rhythmic fusions, she presents us a unique display of Latin American music.

Her debut album Raíz Mestiza was recently released and contains 9 self written songs.

Starting out with an interest in music production, she didn't feel complete yet. In her heart she knew she was born to be on stage. Listen to episode 5 of the Musiqnote podcast and listen to Lili's musical journey. Starting in Cali, Colombia and currently continuing in Valencia, Spain.