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I just need to post this, cause I haven't been feeling all that lately. It's not easy when everything feels

March 2020 was my last blog post on this site. Yes it’s been quiet for a very long time. The

Hey there everyone, How is the staying at home going? Hope everyone is doing well, wherever you are.  So I’ve

Hola guapos! I’m back in Holland, and didn’t have time to post during the rest of my stay in Valencia.

Code Red! Yup the weather on the east coast of Spain is going to be terrible. It’s actually weather to

Yesterday I didn’t have time to blog, cause it was a pretty long day. In the afternoon there was a

I’m sleepy, but I need to write this down before I forget. After the pre-recording session yesterday we had dinner

Today was the 2nd day of the Global Career Summit at Berklee. This time the event is being held at

Today was an interesting day. In the morning I walked to the hotel across the street to meet up with