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Featured guest: Victor Mendoza

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Episode 8 – Victor Mendoza

My guest in episode 8 is Victor Mendoza, who is considered to be one of today’s finest Latin jazz artist around the world. Besides being an incredible vibraphonist and composer he’s also a very dedicated  teacher and clinician.  Listen as we talk about his love for music and teaching.

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Episode 7 – Zule Guerra

In episode 7 I have a nice talk with an incredible singer/songwriter from Cuba: Zule Guerra. She talks about her first studio album, how she started out as a biochemist and what it’s like to live in a country filled with music.

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Episode 6 – Dr. Soo Wincci

My guest in episode 6 is someone who achieved so much in a very short period of time, not only did she experience the downside of fame, she also knows what it’s like to fight back. She’s an artist, an actress, a producer, a host, a model, a beauty queen, a chef, aPhD holder, an entrepreneur and she became Miss World Malaysia. Selamat Datang Dr. Soo Wincci. 

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Music (intro & outro) by Karlyne Felix

Episode 5 – Lili del Sol

In episode 5 it’s my honour to introduce you to Lili del Sol. An artist/producer from Colombia, who decided to take the stage after working behind the scenes.  Listen to her story as she started out with studying music production to later find her joy as a performer in the spotlight.

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Episode 4 – Chad Wright

In episode 4 my guest is Chad Wright. Besides a drummer and touring musician, he is also a music director and recording engineer. He has toured with Chaka Khan, The Jacksons and currently with Bruce Hornsby. Listen as he talks about his time at Berklee and how he pursued his dream by moving to Los Angeles.

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Episode 3 – Jana Šušteršič

In this 3rd episode I have a conversation with “The Power Voice” Jana Šušteršič. We discuss her musical journey with all it’s ups and downs. From starting out as a pianist, becoming a rockstar, winning Slovenia’s Got Talent to being an educator.

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Episode 2 – Marc St. Louis

In this 2nd episode I’m having a conversation with one of the best tour managers out there: Marc St. Louis. Listen as we talk about his career and what is necessary to get the job done right.

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