Episode 2 – Marc St. Louis (Tour Manager)


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YouTube Episode 2

Marc St. Louis is one of the best tour managers in the music business. They also refer to him as a live show production specialist.

In 2020 he won The Patrick Stansfield Tour Manager of the Year Award. He got the recognition from his peers during the 9th annual Parnelli Award ceremony.

He has travelled around the world with acts like, Lenny Kravitz, Guns N' Roses and Brian Wilson, just to name a few. When something needs to be done or arranged, he’s the person you can rely on. A tour manager who plans everything in advance so perfectly that even when things go wrong, he knows what to do.

Currently Marc is still touring with Brian Wilson, but due to the pandemic, like all the other touring musical acts, it’s been on hold till further notice.

Enjoy the 2nd episode of the MusiqNote podcast.