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Today is the 60th birthday of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. One of the most legendary artists of all

The talk I had with my big brother Melvin Lee Davis is finally up at the Portraits section. Like mentioned

In January I was visiting Berklee because Patrice would be there an entire week to teach various classes. It was

Name: Karlyne Felix Place of Birth: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada Link: 2018 graduate from Berklee College of Music,Valencia. Master of

I met Melvin Lee Davis at a Lee Ritenour concert many years ago. My dad is a huge Ritenour fan

Melvin Lee Davis Bassist, Writer, Arranger, Producer, Engineeer and Music Director, California (USA) If you go to or Google

First time I met mr. Victor Mendoza was 6 years ago. He took us and a couple of students out

Victor Mendoza Professor of Contemporary Performance / Vibraphonist / Composer Victor Mendoza is not only a very talented vibraphonist and

I've been travellng back and forth every year to Valencia ever since Berklee opened it's doors in 2012 at the