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A tribute at the Playboy Jazz Festival
Yesterday was the first show of the Playboy Jazz Festival at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles and WOW what Read more.

The Man behind the Program
Hey everyone, Awhile ago I did an interview with Chris Sampson. He’s the creative mind behind the Popular Music Program Read more.

New adventures in LA
Back in L.A. and i’m blogging again. I’ve been lacking with posting stuff and I’m sorry, but I’m back now. Read more.

I’m back
Hola people! It’s been too long. In the meantime alot has happened. I promise I’ll blog more frequently from now Read more.

1 on 1 @ USC campus
Hola guapos! I’m sorry. I know it’s been awhile, but alot has been going on ever since I got back. Read more.

Thank you LA!
WoW....that’s all I have to say....:o) What a privilege it has been to experience this recent adventure.  Looking back I Read more.

Something is missing
Yesterday I started my day by going to the Disney Concert Hall, cause I was curious what it looked like Read more.

A song is not just a song
Ok, so yesterday Jensen was working on a song and during the lesson Patrice gave her a couple of pointers. Read more.

Music can take you further than you think
I was suppose to write a post yesterday, but didn’t actually had the time to do so. Sorry for that. Read more.