The best smile!

First time I met mr. Victor Mendoza was 6 years ago. He took us and a couple of students out for tapas. He was actually the first faculty member I met at the Valencia campus.

The thing with Victor is, is that he’s so likeable. A great man with the best sense of humor and so much passion for his profession. He’s a musician who knows how to teach as well. Keep in mind that not every musician is a great teacher.

His students all admire him, not only cause they are impressed with the work he has done, but mainly cause he makes time for each and every one of them. He’s the kind of teacher who wants to make his students better. They all know him and he knows all of them.

The students arrive at Berklee with a dream which is to have a successful career in music. Victor knows what the life of a musician is all about and he knows it’s not an easy one. The way he approaches the studentst and guides them is very admirable. He loves music so much it’s important to him that the quality of the music is maintained and that the future of music is save.

Read the interview I did with one of the kindest music teachers around in the Portraits section.

Pictured: Victor Mendoza

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Canned food & a Dutch Queen

I've been travellng back and forth every year to Valencia ever since Berklee opened it's doors in 2012 at the City of Arts and Science.

I still remember my first visit to the Valencia campus. At that time I didn't know Berklee even had a location in Spain. I was just walking around by myself in this giant piece of artwork created by the famous architect Calatrava. While I was enjoying this futuristic, pure, calm, impressive, peaceful scenery I pass by these big windows which read; Berklee College of Music. I just went in and gathered all the info I could get my hands on. The thought of sun, sea, food and music was the perfect combo for me. That moment I was completely unaware off the connection I was about to develop with this school.

A month or so later I received an email from a friend, Patrice Rushen, telling me she was invited to go to Berklee to organize a couple of classes, workshops and lectures. She asked me if I wanted to meetup with her in Valencia and eversince i've been hanging out with her whenever she went there. The visits have always been and are still very nice. Not only did I get to meet and interact with students, faculty and industry people, but I also got to be part of the Berklee experience. Attending the classes and just listening added more to my musical knowledge.

Throughout the years the staff has always welcomed me with open arms and I feel very priviliged to be in that position. We all got to know eachother a bit better and shared some fun times together. Somehow there was always food I remember María taking us to this restaurant in Valencia called "La Conservera". They serve canned food!!! If you get the chance please do check it out, cause it really is delicious and quite the experience. For me personally a very memorable moment was the time I had dinner with María in Holland. It was her first time visiting and let me tell you once she started reading out loud the menu in Dutch I swear she sounds exactly like our Queen Is that why the Berklee letters on the windows are orange?

María Martínez Iturriaga was Dean of Admissions when I met her. She has always been very driven, passionate and dedicated to her work. Someone who's very determined to make a difference, but also very eager to learn. The hard work paid off cause as a result she's leading one of the biggest music schools in the world as an Executive Director.

Gracias María for telling your story! Buena suerte y hasta pronto!

The interview can be found in the Portraits section here.



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Just to be clear…..

This blog will contain information about various music organizations, careers, schools, talent and so on. Please keep in mind that besides that I’ll be sharing my thoughts and opinions just like the people I interview. You don’t have to agree at all on certain views and that’s just fine.

It’s important to me that music education gets the support it deserves, but in order to do that we need to know what’s going on right now. What’s happening in the world of music as we speak. How is it being taught, how do we experience it right now, what are the possibilities, but most of all what can we do to make it better and make sure the quality of music education is maintained?

I’m going to try and present a clear picture of the current state of this important art form.

I’ll be doing this by talking to as much people as I can and highlight each aspect of the industry. I’m interested in what got people into the world of music and what paths they had to take to get there. If you feel your story needs to heard let me know, I’ll be happy to talk to you.

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Hello everyone! This is going to be the first post of many. I hope you’re going to enjoy my adventures and stories when it comes to the wonderful world of music!

Why this blog you wonder? Well my passion is music (and food) . At a young age i knew that i wanted to follow a career in the music business without really knowing what the possibilities were. When you talk about pursuing a job in music first advice you receive is to follow a couple of  music lessons or some people might even tell you that music is a hobby not a career. Most of the time a career in music is linked to the performance part, however i was more interested in what was happening behind the scenes.

Back then i wasn’t fully aware of all the options, cause in order to know and become aware of what they are you need access to the right information and reliable sources. It becomes even more difficult when the needed support isn’t around as it should be.

For some time now music education is not getting the right amount of attention that it needs. A lot of schools don’t even offer music in their programs, main reasons are lack of time not enough financial resources or what’s even worse is that they don’t see the use of a music program. There are so many studies that proof the positive effect music has on people, especially kids, but i won’t bore you with that. You can google that info yourself.

Music is an art form that needs to be treasured and be taught the right way. Music is a part of everyday life. You can like or dislike something, but in order to have that opinion you need to be aware of it’s excistence. If music is not being offered then how will you learn about the possibitlies. Music is a language we all understand.

Yes i’m aware that i can not solve the problem just like that, but hopefully Musiqnote can add some kind of support by showing you the importance of music education and the careers that are available in the incredible world of music!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interviews and adventures! Join me on this musical journey!

#music #iammusic #futureofmusic

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