Hello everyone! This is going to be the first post of many. I hope you’re going to enjoy my adventures and stories when it comes to the wonderful world of music!

Why this blog you wonder? Well my passion is music (and food) . At a young age i knew that i wanted to follow a career in the music business without really knowing what the possibilities were. When you talk about pursuing a job in music first advice you receive is to follow a couple of  music lessons or some people might even tell you that music is a hobby not a career. Most of the time a career in music is linked to the performance part, however i was more interested in what was happening behind the scenes.

Back then i wasn’t fully aware of all the options, cause in order to know and become aware of what they are you need access to the right information and reliable sources. It becomes even more difficult when the needed support isn’t around as it should be.

For some time now music education is not getting the right amount of attention that it needs. A lot of schools don’t even offer music in their programs, main reasons are lack of time not enough financial resources or what’s even worse is that they don’t see the use of a music program. There are so many studies that proof the positive effect music has on people, especially kids, but i won’t bore you with that. You can google that info yourself.

Music is an art form that needs to be treasured and be taught the right way. Music is a part of everyday life. You can like or dislike something, but in order to have that opinion you need to be aware of it’s excistence. If music is not being offered then how will you learn about the possibitlies. Music is a language we all understand.

Yes i’m aware that i can not solve the problem just like that, but hopefully Musiqnote can add some kind of support by showing you the importance of music education and the careers that are available in the incredible world of music!

I hope you’ll enjoy the interviews and adventures! Join me on this musical journey!

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