Stay home, be safe and stay healthy!

Stay home, be safe and stay healthy!

Hey there everyone,

How is the staying at home going? Hope everyone is doing well, wherever you are. 

So I’ve been working from the house for over a week now. I must say the longer it takes, the more boring it gets. However there’s plenty of time to learn and do other things. (more about that later.)

I was supposed to fly to LA this upcoming Tuesday. Thanx to Covid-19 I’m at home.

Unreal how this virus can throw the entire world upside down.

All over the world I see people including my friends going through the same chaos. At times like these you notice that we’re all pretty similar. That’s the thing when you have to deal with a virus that doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t care where you are from, what you look like or how much you have. 

The only thing that does create a difference is $. I mean it sure makes a difference if you have to stay home in your mansion or your home is a bench in the park. Like all these people hoarding food while there’s a large majority who don’t even have enough money to get through the day. If possible be kind and try to help or atleast have some understanding, since we’re all in this messed up situation together.

What is amazing to see is the power of music and the way it connects people. The videos posted online of people singing songs on their balcony in Italy, musicians starting a jam session from their house with the windows open or an opera singer serenading the neighborhood. Keep on jammin’ world!

Oh yeah........what’s up with all the toiletpaper? To use it you need to eat. Right? Common sense folks!

I’ll be back with more posts later on.

Be safe and stay healthy!




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