Enthusiasm and food

Enthusiasm and food

Hola guapos!

I’m back in Holland, and didn’t have time to post during the rest of my stay in Valencia.

A lot has happened. My dad visited which was nice. Patrice texted me and asked if she could tag along to pick him up from the airport. On purpose I didn’t tell him that she was going to be at the airport. When we arrived he was already waiting. The look on his face when he saw us was priceless. Well let me correct that....when he saw Patrice.

We had dinner that night at El Bar and like always there were Berklee people present. If you need someone from Berklee, just go to El Bar. There’s a 90% chance that atleast Magda (she’s the new Director of Music in Contemporary Performance) will be there for sure....lol

The day before Patrice was asked to function as a mentor in Contemporary Performance (production concentration) for the Berklee Outstanding Women Scholarship. I got a feeling a lot of students are going to apply.

While Patrice had a meeting, I went back to Xabia with my dad to “visit” mom and just spend some time there. The storm left a path of destruction. The boulevard was damaged and stores and restaurants were busy cleaning up and restoring everything. We had lunch at Cafe Wien and took a nice walk on the beach. On our way back to Valencia we did some shopping at the La Marina mall. If you ever get the chance to visit make sure you drop by Lefties. You won’t regret it. I mean, the pants and sweater i’m wearing right now, are cheaper than my socks. So if you want a good deal go check it out.

That night we had a very nice dinner at La Principal Restaurante with Victor Mendoza. Besides a dedicated teacher he’s one of the nicest people around. Just hearing him and Patrice talk about their lives in the music industry is fascinating. The knowledge and experience is pretty incredible. Their passion and dedication to educate others about music with so much love is rare. We need more teachers like them.

The food was excellent, but once outside it was like standing in the shower. That day was one of the rainiest ever, cause the storm was raging throughout the area and managed to demolish 2 umbrellas Patrice borrowed from the hotel. Wind was so strong it could easily knock you over.

The Contemporary Performance Forum given by Magda was scheduled the next morning in Sala E. When we got there we couldn’t enter yet cause the students were preparing a surprise for Patrice. Once Patrice set foot in the room, the students started to play “Remind Me”. Each one of them doing their best to impress the writer and composer of the song. Magda had the biggest smile ever. That’s one thing you can definitely say about Magda, she’s so full of enthusiasm, it rubs of on you. Teaching is new to her, but she’s so eager to learn and has the need to make sure she passes the knowledge on the right way. It’ll take time, but eventually she’ll get there.

Liz who’s the director of academic technology and profesor at Berklee met up with us at Mercado Colon. There’s this sushi place called Momiji we visited last year and somehow it became our “place” to hangout and have dinner. We talked about....music...lol. And a lot of other stuff. One of the topics  was the growth of Berklee Valencia in the 7 years of it’s existence. It started out very small and right now they have 375 students. The group of students seems to grow each year, but there there’s not enough space to accommodate each teacher, class or student. It’s hard work and change is necessary, but in the end it’ll workout.

Suddenly Patrice looks up and who’s sitting at the bar?........Magda. She’s like the cartoon dog Droopy, I mean she keeps popping up everywhere...lol. As always so full of energy and enthusiasm. She sat with us the rest of the evening.

When you enjoy the company and the food and you manage to close the place down cause it’s time for everyone to go home, your know you had a good time.

To be continued..........




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