Maybe I feel better

Maybe I feel better

Code Red! Yup the weather on the east coast of Spain is going to be terrible. It’s actually weather to stay inside and chill.

Yesterday me and Patrice took a drive to Xàbia. On our way there we talked about everything that’s going on in the world of music education. It seems that the focus isn’t on the music anymore, so it’s code red in that area as well. There are ways to fix it, but it’s going to take a lot to change it.

Our first stop was Cala Blanca. Being there always calms me down and it’s just nice to visit. Just the feeling that my mom is near, the sound of the water and the amazing view, really does clear your mind. Lately I haven’t been feeling all that great and this visit helped a lot.

We had a paella dinner at Cala Bandida and talked about life. It’s funny that when you advice someone it seems like you know it all, but when you have to apply it to yourself it’s a whole different story. I know for myself that it’s time to do things differently. While I’m here I’ll do my best to get it all sorted out. It’s time to find out what my WHY really is. In the end it’ll be just fine. After dinner we took a walk at playa Arenal and then we dropped by La Marina to get some some groceries and check out some stores. They really have nice stores.

Back at the hotel I had a nice chat with my friend about my current work environment. I don’t hate my job, but i’m starting to dislike it more and more. The surroundings, the people, the way everything goes, it’s just not working. It is scary to take that leap of faith, but sometimes you just have to, to make that change. I have enough stuff to think about, but I’m pretty sure what my next move will be. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

Right now i’m just going to chill and watch a movie!

Hasta luego guapos!



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