The showcase

The showcase

Yesterday I didn’t have time to blog, cause it was a pretty long day. In the afternoon there was a workshop called: “Advancing your career as a teacher”. The class was given by Camille Colatosti and Patrice Rushen. Camille used to work at Berklee, she’s actually one of the people behind the existence of Berklee Valencia. Each time I take part of her class it always leaves me with so much useful information. At the moment Camille servers as a Provost at Interlochen Center for the Arts.

At night during dinner me and Patrice had a recap about the day. I once told her sister that I see
Patrice as my own personal The talks are always interesting and somehow she always finds a way to inspire me. Just like this time. She gave me a lot of stuff to consider. I don’t want to write about it just right now, but I promise I will.

After the dinner we walked to the Berklee Showcase that was held at Sala Jerusalem. I must say it’s a very nice venue.

The students performed and at the end Patrice led the jamsession. It was a lot of fun to see the response of the audience. Also present was Cristina Abaroa and her sister. She’s part of the Latin Recording Academy as a musical producer. A very sweet lady with a lot of enthusiasm and love for music. The day before I met her son, who tours with Luis Miguel.

I finally arrived back late in my room and was too tired to blog, so sorry for that.

Right now it’s late as well, but I just got home from a nice gathering at the home of one of the Berklee faculty members. Award winning engineer Pablo Munguia. He has a very nice apartment in the center of Valencia and I finally got to see an Emmy award in real life. I mean he has 7 of those statues showing in his home. We were joined by other faculty members and guests. Among them was Susan Rogers. She’s best known for her work as a producer, engineer and mixer for Prince. She knows music for sure. Pablo and his wife prepared a nice meal and we had various nice conversations about different subjects. It’s nice to be part of the Berklee family.

In the afternoon we had the recording session. I only joined in the morning cause in the afternoon I went to the beach to clear my head. The session went really well and I must say compared to the previous years, this song ain’t that bad at all.

Tomorrow there’s no school, so time for other stuff. I’ll blog about that tomorrow!

Thank you to Pablo & his beautiful family, Maria, Liz, Magda, Victor, Lucio, Patrice, Susan, Camille, Chrissy and Jeanine! Buena Nit guapos!




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