You’re already part of it.

You’re already part of it.

I’m sleepy, but I need to write this down before I forget. After the pre-recording session yesterday we had dinner at Comer, Beber, Amar with a couple of the Berklee guests. One of them being Ever Mihigo, who’s a producer and performer, but also has his own label and studio in Paris. We met him before during lunch and we had a nice conversation about the music industry. The highlight of the evening was at the end of the dinner when Ever decided to google Patrice and her music. The reaction on his face when he heard the first  notes of “Forget Me Nots” was priceless. He really had no idea at all, who he was talking to the entire day. We laughed a lot.

This morning Patrice did a Masterclass: “The Story Behind Men in Black”. She described the process of how the song got used for the movie and all the aspects you need to think about to make sure the other party won’t screw you over. It’s pretty amazing that you’re able to release a song that is not only still being played, but also is still being used as a sample. After all those years, the $ is still coming in and if that’s the case it means you wrote a pretty damn good song.

As always we end the day with food, so we sat down in this very nice Italian restaurant called “Al Solito Posto”. Make sure to check it out if you’re ever in the neighborhood. We had a recap of the day and had a conversation about improving music education, future projects and shared various ideas regarding music. The To-Do-List is a pretty long one at the moment, so it’s important to have clear what the priority is. Eventually we’ll get there, so no worries.

We’ve been going to Berklee Valencia each year for 7 years now. I remember the first time I set foot on the Berklee Valencia Campus, cause I wanted to apply and be part of the Berklee experience so bad. Looking back I realize that eventhough I’ve never been an official Berklee student, I actually am the only student who’s there each year. So in a way I did achieve what I wanted, cause I attend classes, I know the faculty and they know me, I know the students, I meet new people everytime I visit, the network is growing and each year I learn so much just by being there. Maria once said to me: “You are part of the Berklee family”. To be honest it does feel like that.

The same goes for my dream to be part of the music industry. Guess what? I already am part of it and didn’t even realize it. Sometimes you really need to take a minute, look back and connect the dots, that’s when you suddenly notice, that it actually did fall into place.

Ok guapos, it’s bedtime. See you tomorrow!



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