Be prepared

Be prepared

Today was the 2nd day of the Global Career Summit at Berklee. This time the event is being held at the Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe. Very nice location and enough room to harbor all the students.

After the welcome and introduction from the Executive Director Maria M. Itturiaga (more about her in the portraits section), it was time for Patrice to hit the stage to do her Keynote: Identify your why.

Before she started talking she played on the keyboard to share her talent. It’s always nice to see and hear the reaction from the audience when they become aware of her work and all that she has experienced.

During her talk she pointed out that your WHY is your believe and the most important question you have for yourself. Your WHAT is the plan. The HOW is the execution of that plan. If you know how to answer all 3, you’re going the right direction.

Last year Patrice did a presentation at Loop (Ableton). Check it out here so you’ll get an idea of the Keynote she gave. 

After her talk there were 2 more panels I attended. One was about “Jumping Into The Industry With Intent” and the other was a masterclass about “Getting picked”.

As always we had lunch at El Bar with all the guests from that morning, which gives you a nice opportunity to network.

On Friday there’s a Recording Session in the studio. It’s an interesting process that shows you what steps are needed to actually record a song. In order to do that the students pick the song, cause that didn’t happen yet. In the afternoon we had the pre-recording session and the intent was to pick one song out of 4 that were already pre-selected by 2 faculty members.

After listening to all 4 songs, the students voted for their favorite one. To be prepared for the recording, the conversation that followed was focused on groove, form, instruments, lyrics, musicians to play on the session, production, and so on.

I’m very curious what the result will be on Friday.

What suprised me is that eventhough they’re all master students, a lot of information they were hearing today was new to them. It proofs again that basic music knowledge is so important to take the right steps. 

Right now i’m too tired to write about all the other stuff I encountered, cause I had a very long and interesting talk with Patrice this evening. More about that tomorrow.

Hasta luego guapos!



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