Last year was one of the best adventures I’ve I thought. It’s amazing how you can go from your highest high to your lowest low just like that. The last part of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 it’s been one big chaotic mess in my head. (I will blog about my 2019 adventures soon)

Today as the plane landed in Valencia I felt calm again. Strange how that works, scary too cause what’ll happen when I go back. Those are things to think about later.....or maybe not 

Right now it’s all good. The plane wasn’t full on my way here. Actually my entire row was empty.
Not a bad start at all. I also got a free upgrade on my rental car, so now I’m driving a brand new Hyundai. If you ever need a car when you’re in Spain do consider Drivalia. Good price, good service and nice people.

I drove to the Quatre Carreres area which is my favorite part of town and finally checked into my crib. I’ve been staying at this place every time I go to Valencia which is every year and sometimes multiple times a year....Valencia Flats / Rooms Ciencias. Make sure to take note. Great modern and clean rooms, good price, great location, nice personnel and good food at the neighbors place “El Bar”.

Patrice is staying at a hotel across the street and a couple of days ago I found out that so are 2 of my cousins. They have soccer camp and unfortunately leaving tomorrow already. Before they go back home I’m going to meet up with them in the morning.

Tomorrow it’s also day 1 of the Berklee experience. Patrice will start her Masterclass in the afternoon. 

Will be continued tomorrow. For now Buena Nit!



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