Hola Valencia!

Hola Valencia!

Yes it has been quiet on this blog and the main reason is that my focus was on other stuff. Yet I know I should be more loyal to blogging. I guess right now is a good time to start posting again.

In a couple of hours I’ll arrive in Valencia to meet up with Patrice Rushen. Ever since the existence of Berklee Valencia we meet up every year in this great city. We talk a lot.....and ofcourse it’s not a punishment to eat paella and tapas.

Besides enjoying the company and the city, every visit has been a learning experience for me. Not only do I learn a lot by talking, observing and listening to Patrice and the people at Berklee, but also cause every year Berklee creates an event for all music students so they can take the next step to create their future career.

This year the Global Career Summit will be held from 14 -16th of january. It’s going to be an interesting gathering when you look at the list of guest-speakers and attendees.

I’m also very interested how Berklee is doing at the moment, after visiting them last year. A lot of new faces for sure.

Right now i’m sitting at the dinning room table looking outside at a rainy backyard. In a couple of hours I’ll be in a completely  different environment. Hope it’ll be a sunny stay.

These upcoming days I’ll post about my adventures and all the things I’ve experienced last year when I wasn’t focused on blogging.



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