The Man behind the Program

The Man behind the Program

Hey everyone,

Awhile ago I did an interview with Chris Sampson. He’s the creative mind behind the Popular Music Program at USC Thornton School of Music. It was a very interesting and inspiring encounter.

He changed the view on music education and created a very dynamic program. The possibilities this study offers are endless. Who knew that the skills you develop, you can actually apply to various jobs within the entertainment industry.

Chris Sampson is a man with a vision when it comes to passing on knowledge in the world of music. He knows exactly what it needs to look like and he keeps moving forward to the goal by actually working backwards. He’s making an impact on the future of the music industry for sure.

Check out the interview in the Portraits section or by clicking here.

Recently Chris announced his new PodCast called Joy Sounds: Music You Need to Know.

Go to and have a listen.


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