Thank you LA!

Thank you LA!

WoW....that’s all I have to say....:o)

What a privilege it has been to experience this recent adventure. 

Looking back I still have trouble processing what has happened, mainly cause it was so much in a very short period of time. (Disney, music, Grammy museum, music, USC, music, Thanksgiving, music, dinners, music, etc.) Notice the music part?

Lucky me to get an insight in one of the best music programs in the world. (Tell you more about that later). Most of all lucky me to have someone in my life like Patrice Rushen. This lady has taught me so much about music and more. Every talk has been amazing and inspirational. She’s my own personal mr. Miyagi only female.

I keep telling her to write a book, cause her stories regarding the music industry and her personal experience is pretty admirable. The knowledge she gained throughout the years is probably one of the most valuable treasures in the music industry. It’s my believe that musicians/artists who have been there from the beginning and experienced it all play such an important role in the foundation that needs to be built for our future music industry people. Hopefully along the way and with the help of this blog we’ll come up with answers to a lot of questions about music education and why it’s so important to be forwarded the right way. We’ll learn that “community” is key, but more about that later.

As I wrote in the past this blog is about how I experience the things in front of me. This trip has been an eye opener for sure. It’s amazing how topics like injustice, power, racism, sexism and everything else that ends with -ism is still so present in our everyday life. It’s something that creeps under the surface and not just in the world of music.

During my trip I got to sit down with Christopher Sampson who is the Founder of the Popular Music Program at USC Thornton School of Music. We talked about the program, how it started and why it’s so successful. Mallory Hauser, Madi Vogt and Alexis Angulo are students who are all part of the program and they shared their thoughts on the USC experience and the future plans they have in music. And yes I also got to interview Patrice Rushen and her take on music education.

All the interviews will be up very soon.

I want to thank USC Thornton School of Music, Christopher Sampson, Mallory Hauser, Madi Vogt, Alexis Angulo and last but not least Patrice Rushen and her wonderful family. 

On to the next adventure!



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