Something is missing

Something is missing

Yesterday I started my day by going to the Disney Concert Hall, cause I was curious what it looked like from the inside. The outside is impressive so the inside must be just as great. I was standing in front of the building and this girl asked me if I wanted to take her picture with the building since she was by herself. She told me she’s from Italy and that she tried to enter the building, but cause of an event it wasn’t possible to go in. Well better luck next time.

All of a sudden I see a group of Chinese people go in.......yup I went along with I didn’t stand out at all, so I got in and could actually check out the building. The rooms are very nice and it’s a great venue to see a performance or actually perform on one of those stages. The garden on the roof has a nice amphitheater and places where you can just sit and relax.

After that quick tour I went to the Grammy Museum. I was advised to take the tram, but with the weather being so nice I just started walking. (someone told me it’s pretty unusual to walk that After an hour or so I finally arrived at the museum. I had very and I mean very high expectations of this museum, especially when you look at the promo’s and the stuff they post online.

My tour starts at the 4th floor. Once the elevator doors slide open there’s this pretty dark hallway with spotlights shinning on the various Grammys that have been created throughout the years. On either sides there are clips from the award shows. So far so good.

Walking further I see this wall which says: Celebrating Michael Jackson. Yup this is something I’ve been wanting to see for a long time. Memorabilia of my music hero. The hat, the glove, the Thriller jacket. I stood there for awhile and eventhough its a nice tribute, something was missing.

The museum has exhibits and galleries (John Coltrane, Johnny Cash, Jermaine Dupri & So So Def) and you can see everything Grammy related. Ofcourse there are all sorts of memorabilia like; Elvis Presley’s shirt, Whitney Houston’s dress, Ray Charles’s outfit and so on. Each genre of music is represented, but what you can find doesn’t do it justice. The museum is much smaller than I expected and to be honest there isn’t a lot to see. You would think that cause it’s the Grammys they have so much more to show and you would expect that they would honor more artists and musicians. Unfortunately that’s not the case. 

Besides that they are skipping artists and musicians who did contribute to the Grammy Awards in the past. For instance; they have a Grammy archive on the 3rd floor. By tapping the screen you can find any artist that has ever performed/worked/taken part in the event. Fact: Patrice Rushen was the first female music director for the 46th, 47th and 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Guess what?.....there’s no mention of her at all. Then again why am I not surprised.

Anywayz, I took a look at the Clive Davis Theater where different events are being held. I must say it’s a nice and cozy venue and I would love to see a performance there one day.

Just like most museums you go to the exit through a gift shop. I didn’t get anything cause the shop doesn’t have a lot to offer. So that was a disappointment as well.

However if you do decide to go, I get it, cause it is something you have to see for yourself and maybe you have a different opinion.

I think my expectations were just to high. Each genre of music does not get the attention it deserves and the people that should be honored in a museum like that are not being represented.


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