Music can take you further than you think

Music can take you further than you think

I was suppose to write a post yesterday, but didn’t actually had the time to do so. Sorry for that. Anywayz.....after a very nice dinner at SOH Grill House Korean BBQ the day of my arrival and a goodnight sleep, I woke up pretty early yesterday. It’s nice to wake up with the sun shining bright.

Unfortunately there were new fires in LA and that morning we received the news that one of our music friends mr. Lee Ritenour is one of the unfortunate ones who has lost his home cause of the fires. Thoughts go out to those affected by this terrible tragedy. It’s amazing how fast the fire is spreading, especially cause there’s a lot of wind. Hopefully the rescue workers who are risking their lives and working tirelessly can put an end to this and can return home safe again.

Yesterday I had a nice talk with Patrice about the current music eduction status at various schools. I will dedicate a post on that subject this week. It was very interesting to figure out what the real cause is of the lack of music eduction in a lot of countries. Stay tuned on that story.

After our talk we went grocery shopping and it’s funny how people recognize her and say hi. I personally think it’s nice when people do notice you, means you did something that has left an impression.

We had a nice home cooked meal and that night I was preparing my schedule for the interviews and visits I have planned these upcoming days.

So today I was sitting in the new office of Patrice at USC. It’s much nicer than the broom closet they gave her before. I like what she’s done with the place. It’s pretty impressive to see the pictures on the wall of her with Chaka Khan, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Steve Gadd, Candy Dulfer, just to name a few and not to forget Michelle Obama. Patrice is one of those musicians who proofs that music can take you further.

Her first lesson today was with student Jensen McRae. I’ve met Jensen last year for the first time and a couple of months ago I had dinner with her and her dad while they were visiting in Amsterdam. I’ll be doing an interview with her this week about her experience at USC and the plans she has for the future.

I stayed during that lesson and I immediately noticed that she has grown artistically compared to last year. The songs she’s writing are powerful and she knows how to touch you with her music. 

At the end of the afternoon I got to witness the performance of the freshmen followed by the 2nd year students at USC. Check out my next post about those sessions.


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