Hello Los Angeles

Hello Los Angeles

I woke up early this morning heading to Schiphol Amsterdam, cause I had a flight to catch to Los Angeles. 

When I arrived at the airport the line was pretty long, I think security checked me 3 times. Even when it was time to board the plane, security picked me again for an extra check. I must say that everyone was nice and friendly eventhough it’s a madhouse.

On board of the plane I had a nice seat at the window, I sat next to a KLM pilot who was headed to Vegas (no worries, he was not the one flying the plane..lol). It was a pleasant flight, well actually I slept the entire journey (besides waking up for the food ofcourse). The lady that was sitting next to the pilot (she’s a doctor) complimented me, she was impressed that I could sleep that long...lol.

I impressed myself too, I mean it’s a 12 hour flight and I was just really tired. Flying above Los Angeles we could see the smoke moving over the city, which is caused by the fire that still continues to burn in the hills. Hopefully they can control it soon. 

Leaving the plane I noticed that the line at customs is not that long anymore like it used to be. Now they have Automated Passport Control which really does speed up the process. I was surprised to be outside so fast. I picked up my rental car and off I was to my home away from home.

I love seeing palm trees. When I see them it makes me happy, means I’m at a place where the sun shines. The weather is amazing. I think during wintertime I should just go here.

Seeing Patrice and the family is always a good thing. The dogs still remember me as well. We had a nice long talk and yes ofcourse we talked about music.

During my stay I’ll be interviewing various people for the blog and I will be writing about the various topics that we will be discussing. Make sure you keep checking back cause I’ll take you with me on my musical journey these upcoming days.

I’m hungry, so now I’m going to eat! And probably get some more sleep later Cheers!


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