When life gives you lemons……………..

I just need to post this, cause I haven't been feeling all that lately. It's not easy when everything feels like a huge weight. The heaviness squeezes all the energy out of your body. Somehow I have trouble to stay focused. These last couple of days I wasn't living in the present, cause my mind kept wandering off.

Parents really do know their kids that's for sure. My dad and I had a talk about everything that has been going on. It's pretty scary how he knows me without actually saying it out loud. I'm thinking about what he just said and he's right. His words hit me and they make me overthink everything I was so worried about. Life is life, we just live it and we deal with the highs and lows along the way. Don't stop and overthink things you can't control, but go on and keep breathing.  As long as you're breathing it's all good.

It is not easy, cause it is a mindset and then again, not everyone is the same. Yet his words and the talk we had did make a lot of sense. I hate it when he's right....lol

So I'll just keep breathing and continue where I left off.

Stay tuned for something different.


Press play!

March 2020 was my last blog post on this site. Yes it’s been quiet for a very long time. The pandemic is still terrorizing the world. It’s like someone pressed the pause button and fell asleep. Time to wake up and press play again.

How are things? Here they could be better. I miss the “normal life”, whatever that was. It’s difficult to enjoy when there are so many restrictions. On top of that, there are so many people struggling to keep their head above the water. The problem is, that we have too much time to think and it can drive you crazy. Especially when you try to stay positive and yet feel hopeless. It’s like you somehow slowly loose control of everything.

It’s not easy trust me I know. There are a lot of people who will tell you to stay positive and everything is going to be ok. Yes uplifting words, but sometimes difficult to cling onto, cause that’s not what you’re feeling inside.

For all of those people going through a tough time all I can say is, try your best and hang in there….

I have my weekly talks with Patrice. We discuss various subjects; family, COVID, presidential elections, school, the world and ofcourse music. Patrice is part of the Marcus Miller Saturday Night band. She told me that it felt good to be on stage again, making music together for the first time since the pandemic.

The music industry is taking a huge blow and in this case I mean the entire industry. Musicians, crew, managers, studios, venues, ticket sellers, music schools and so on. It is difficult to be creative when there are so many restrictions, although you see a lot of people trying to create and share their music in every possible way. I recently saw pictures of a performance at Berklee Valencia and all the students and people were masked. The audience was seated socially distanced. A very surreal image.

When I go grocery shopping and look around it feels like i’m in a bad movie. People wearing masks trying to keep a distance. What’s happening?

The world hasn’t become a better place if you look at the current situation. People struggling, a lot of hate going around, climate is messed up, COVID is controlling our lives.

In a world where connecting to one and other has been made so easy throughout the years, there has never been a bigger disconnection as there is right now.

Stay positive…..try.